Menu Control Panel - Online Ordering Software
Menu Control Panel - Online Ordering Software
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System Requirements
  1. Computer Required: Desktop, laptop, or tablet*
  2. Computer must have a location where employees can check the orders as they arrive

*Note: MenuCP works best with a Microsoft windows device, but any system will work, even a phone.
A Merchant account is an option, but is not required.

Online Ordering Software - How Does It WorkFor Your Business:
  • Create your menu
    • Add unlimited menu items / categories
    • Add pictures, descriptions, prices, options
    • Create coupons, daily/monthly specials
  • Link to your menu
    • Add "order online" links from your website / facebook page
    • If your company does not currently have an online presence, we can create a webpage for your online menu and ordering system
  • Receive/process orders automatically
    • Receive email, text/SMS notifications of new orders
      • Windows devices can play a new order reminder bell every 30 seconds (never miss an order)
    • View orders on computer, tablet, or smartphone
    • Optionally print orders

Customer Ordering Food OnlineFor Your Customer:
  • Browse your menu
    • Browse categories and menu items
    • Read descriptions, view images
    • See daily/monthly specials or use coupon codes
  • Create their order
    • Choose carryout or delivery (depending on your options)
    • Customers choose options, toppings, addons, etc.
    • Customers select items by "adding to their cart"
  • Checkout
    • Customers checkout
    • Orders are processed by credit card automatically or using your existing POS system
    • Customers receive email verification
    • Order is prepared for delivery or carryout

Don't worry about being tech savvy! We also provide additional support, setup services, and website development services. Please contact us for details.

MenuCP Online Ordering Pricing
Integrate into your existing website or Facebook page

The MenuCP software will be available for you to add to your existing website or your business Facebook page. Use the MenuCP software to easily add your menu items to your online menu. Once your menu is created, you're ready to start accepting online orders. You're given a link to the online ordering portal and you can add "order online" links or buttons to your website, Facebook page, or wherever you choose.

Does Your Business Need a Website?
If you would like our experienced team to design a new website for your restaurant or convenience store, let us know.  We have several options for designing and hosting your new website.  Please call us to see which option will work best for your business.  The MenuCP software will be built directly in to your new site.  Contact Us for pricing and design options.